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Tumblr, Electric LiteratureThe New Inquiry, and the Los Angeles Review of Books invite you to celebrate the Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Opening Night!

Three top web-based literary publications (and Tumblr super-users) invite you meet your internet friends in person for chatting, drinking, and dancing to kick off the most bookish week in Brooklyn. Music from DJs Abby Klein and Doc Delay and drink specials enhance the East Coast vs. West Coast faceoff — and everybody wins!

Monday 9/17 at 7pm, Public Assembly, 70 N 6th Street, Brooklyn NY. See you there!

In one week we will be chatting and dancing and drinking $3 Gin & Juice and Brooklyn Lager. West Coast vs. East Coast: Who will win??

A Brooklyn Book Festival 2012 Bookend Event.

Flavorpill says: “The Brooklyn Book Festival starts off its week of programing with a book party that doesn’t really include any books or people reading that is co-hosted by Tumblr, Electric Literature, The New Inquiry, and the LA Review of Books. It’s basically all the coolest lit kids getting together to set up one really great party. Pretty good chance you will end up meeting at least three people with book deals, a few folks with massive Twitter followings, and see a lot of great glasses.”

I say: “I can’t wait to see you!”

One week!

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